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     The 80s was an incredible decade. Disco was on its way out and Techno was making its way in. The 80s was kind of an estuary of music providing a spot when two hugely popular musical eras merged to what eventually become known as “The Big 80s.” Popular culture in the 80s included new technologies (like the Walkman, cassette tapes, VCRs, and video games), insanely wild cars (like the DeLorean, with no regard for gas mileage), and a fashion since that was big and flashy, with an emphasis on individuality.

     The Cube transports you back to those awesome times by assembling the biggest monster tunes of the decade and playing them back to back, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without commercials.


KINGSOFTHEWILDFRONTIER-300x300     ADAM & THE ANTS saw their classic ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ album reissued in a massively expanded CD, DVD & LP Box; a 2CD Deluxe Edition; and a vinyl LP reissued on May 20th. The formats feature a remastered edition of the original album alongside a host of bonus material including demos, live tracks and b-sides. The boxset edition contains 2 Gold CDs plus a DVD (with promo videos, live performances, the first DVD release of Adam & The Ants Live In Tokyo 1981 and a short documentary film ‘Ant Invasion’) and a gold vinyl pressing of the ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ album alongside a 36 page 12×12″ full-colour book, a replica of the original release Ant Catalogue, fan memorabilia, recreated artwork, a poster, photos and much more.